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Stimulus updates for the week of June 13, 2022

Millions of Americans are looking to states and local governments for stimulus assistance as inflation causes gas and groceries to rise in price.

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The last federal stimulus check was in March of 2021.

Since then, Americans have continued to work for the same wages as before the pandemic, while gas reaches as high as $5 per gallon.

Here is everything you need to know about stimulus checks this week

Five cities are offering up to $1,000 in monthly payments– Find the list here

Stimulus payments worth $850 going out to 200,000 Americans in Maine

Stimulus: 11 places with stimulus and UBI programs worth up to $1,000

Stimulus UBI payment program starting in Providence, Rhode Island pays families $500 per month

Stimulus UBI payments worth $500 set to go out to families in Oakland, California

Stimulus UBI payments worth $500 per month approved in California

Stimulus payments worth $100 and $300 sent to Hawaiians

Stimulus checks worth $2,000 could go to Pennsylvania residents

Stimulus and UBI payments worth $1000s in these 10 states and cities

Stimulus payments of up to $1,000 going to New Mexico residents July 31

Stimulus payments worth up to $1,700 going out in 3 states this week

Stimulus: Which states are getting June payments?

Stimulus checks worth $1,050 being sent in New York State

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