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Stimulus payments of up to $1,000 going to New Mexico residents July 31

Some New Mexico residents can soon expect stimulus payments worth up to $1,000, which will be sent this summer.

stimulus checks New Mexico residents can expect July 31

Both the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department and the Human Services Department are working together to issue payments.

The applications for the stimulus checks opened May 2, 2022.

The stimulus payments are in response to the rising costs of gas and groceries as people continue to work but cannot afford daily life.

Millions of dollars were set aside for taxpayers, in addition to millions more for those who do not file taxes.

This includes seniors and those with disabilities.

Payments worth up to $1,700 going out in 3 states this week

What is the stimulus payment?

Households that have married couples or singles with dependents will see $1,000.

Households with a single filer and no dependent can see $500.

$20 million was set aside for the stimulus program, so people will be paid on a first come first serve basis.

The funding is limited, so residents were urged to apply as soon as they could.

The deadline for the stimulus program was May 31, 2022.

Non-filers needed to apply, and if they missed the deadline and there’s funding left there is one other option.

They can file a tax return for 2021 by May 31, 2023.

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