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Barclay: ‘Good Cause Eviction’ major problem for state’s housing crisis

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Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay recently expressed significant concerns over a new legislative proposal by New York State Democrats, which aims to limit property owners’ ability to evict tenants without “good cause” and to justify any rent increases above 3%. Barclay argues that this proposal, extending New York City’s rent regulations statewide, will worsen the existing housing crisis by adding more regulatory hurdles for landlords.

According to Barclay, the legislation will impose undue constraints on property owners, particularly in upstate New York, forcing them to automatically renew tenant leases despite economic challenges like inflation. He warned that such measures could discourage landlords from continuing their businesses, potentially leading to decreased housing availability and further economic downturn in the region.

Barclay emphasized that while protecting renters is important, New York already offers robust tenant protections. He contends that the proposed ‘good cause eviction’ measures, currently under budget negotiation with unclear details, could lead to adverse effects on property owners without necessarily benefiting renters as intended.