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Stimulus payments worth up to $1,700 going out in 3 states this week

Three states are sending stimulus checks this summer when payments are needed the most. The states are Maine, Colorado, and Massachusetts.

stimulus check payments going out to residents in Maine, Colorado, and Massachusetts

With gas prices reaching over $5 per gallon and the cost of groceries rising and sizes of packaging shrinking, Americans need it now more than ever.

Not all states have stimulus programs, but it’s worth looking into.

States will start sending checks out this week through the middle of July.

Here are three states sending stimulus checks with payments worth up to $1,700

Maine has one of the most widely known stimulus programs this summer.

Rebate stimulus checks are going out to 858,000 residents in Maine in all.

About 200,000 checks are going out each week in batches.

The checks have already started going out and are worth $850 for single filers and $1,700 for joint filers.

Maine offers a refund tracking tool to see where your payment is.

Some residents see as much as $2,550 from their state with UBI payments

Anyone who filed their 2021 tax return will see their check between now and the middle of July.

Colorado is also sending residents stimulus checks.

These checks are worth $500 for single filers.

The deadline to claim the payment was June 30, 2022 and it was actually extended from an earlier deadline.

Finally, Massachusetts is looking into sending stimulus payments worth $500 to specific individuals.

These individuals are frontline workers making a low income.

330,000 stimulus payments are expected to go out this month.

Is your state giving out UBI payments worth up to $1,000?

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