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Stimulus checks worth $2,000 could go to Pennsylvania residents

The proposal to send $2,000 stimulus checks to Pennsylvania residents is still being pushed before the June 30 budget deadline.

stimulus checks residents in Pennsylvania could see after the budget passes

If it’s approved as part of the new budget plan, residents could see additional stimulus cash.

This money would come from the $2.2 billion dollars in stimulus funds left for the state to spend.

In addition, Pennsylvania has $4.9 billion in surplus tax revenue.

What types of stimulus programs are being discussed?

Lawmakers on both sides of the Democrat and Republican parties are in favor of different ways to spend the money on residents and the state.

Governor Tom Wolf would like stimulus checks worth $2,000 be sent to residents.

This would be part of the PA Opportunity Program and would use $500 million of the leftover stimulus funds to send payments.

Will seniors get help deal with inflation?

Families with a household income below $80,000 would qualify.

While Republicans are like some stimulus spending plans, that proposal is not one of them.

They feel that the plan could worsen inflation.

Other proposals would give grants to homeowners and landlords for renovations of run down properties in need of fixing.

There are also proposals for giving funds for higher education, paid family leave, and bolstering education for kindergarten through 12th grade.

This includes fixing the schools.

In addition, there are plans to clean up pollution in the Susquehanna River basin.

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