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Stimulus checks worth $1,050 being sent in New York State

Tax rebates, or stimulus checks, are being sent to homeowners in New York State ahead of the primary elections.

stimulus checks being sent to new york state residents for homeowners

The stimulus checks should be sent before June 28, 2022.

June 28 is when Governor Kathy Hochul will have her first election challenge.

The stimulus checks say “Gov. Hochul and the New York State Legislature are providing you this,” according to 1945.

Many feel this is a political move to help Hochul be elected as Governor for the next term.

Who is getting a stimulus check in New York State?

3 million homeowners are expected to benefit from the collective $2.2 billion dollar stimulus tax rebate.

This will help offset the costs of food, gas, and other things rising due to inflation.

An average check going to NYC residents is worth $425, but some homeowners can see as much as $1,050.

Economic Impact Payments are being issued by states, but look out for scams

Those residing outside of the City will see more, with an average stimulus amount of $970.

2 million of the 3 million households are outside of NYC.

Households with an income less than $75,000 should see the average stimulus payments of $1,050.

In order to qualify, you also needed to have been eligible for the 2022 School Tax Relief program.

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