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Stimulus payments worth $850 going out to 200,000 Americans in Maine

Thousands of Americans in Maine can soon expect a stimulus check worth $850, which already started going out in batches of 200,000 per week.

stimulus payments residents in Maine will see based on their tax return

This is a tax rebate program through the state, and married couples can see $1,700 combined.

The first round went out with a batch of 5,000 the last week of May and beginning of June.

Last week, another 200,000 were sent out.

Eligible residents will receive them as the state sends them in batches of 200,000 each week.

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Eligibility requirements for the $850 stimulus check

In order to qualify, you need to meet certain criteria.

There are income requirements to see the payment.

A single filer cannot have an income exceeding $100,000.

Head of household filers cannot exceed $150,000.

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Married filing jointly couples cannot make more than $200,000.

Tax returns filed for the year 2021 are used to determine eligibility among households.

Around 858,000 Maine residents qualify.

The checks are being sent on a rolling basis each week until they’re all issued.

Most payments should be issued by the end of July.

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