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Five cities are offering up to $1,000 in monthly payments– Find the list here

Several states are offing UBI and/or stimulus programs to help out struggling Americans.

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Monthly payments can be incredibly helpful– here are 5 cities offering them.

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You could be eligible for up to $3,000–just for turning off the water

1.Baltimore, Maryland- $1,oo

A program in Baltimore is sending $1,000 a month to 200 low-income residents for two years. This program aims to help young parents. In order to be considered eligible you must:

  • Be between the ages of 18 and 24
  • Be either the biological or adoptive parents, or guardians
  • Parents must have full or partial care-taking responsibilities
  • Income must be at or below 300% of the federal poverty level, which is based on household size

However, applications closed on May 9.

2. Ithaca, New York- $450

Ithaca’s UBI program will send $450 to 110 residents for one year. This benefit is intended for caregivers, including parents. The program defines a caregiver as “an adult that allocates significant unpaid time caring for a disabled or an aging child.”

In order to qualify a family income that’s below 80% of the area’s median, which is:

  • Household of one – $50,200
  • Household of two – $57,400
  • Household of three – $64,550
  • Household of four – $71,700
  • Household of five – $77,450
  • Household of six – $83,200
  • Household of seven – $88,950
  • Household of eight – $94,650

Payments are supposed to start rolling out this month.

3.Mountain View, California- $500

Mountain View’s UBI program is giving  166 people $500 each month, and applications are expected to open soon. The Silicon Valley Community Foundation donated $100,000 to the initiative, which will allow the program to run for an additional year.

To qualify you must be a parent or a caregiver with at least one child with an income below 30% of the area’s median.

4.Oakland, California- $500

600 families in Oakland are getting money to spend how they best see fit for their family. Phase one has already started. In the spring of 2021 300 people were selected to get $500 for 18 months.

Now, 300 more families are getting the same benefit. Eligible families have been chosen from a pool of applicants.

5.Shreveport, Louisiana – $660

In Shreveport, Louisiana 110 residents have started getting $660 monthly payments that will last for a year. Only single parents with an income 20% below the federal poverty line qualify.

The city defines a single parent as “a mother, father, stepparent, grandparent, caregiver, or legal guardian with a school-age child.”

In order to be eligible, the child must be between 3-20 years old as of August 2021. Also, if you are unmarried, you cannot be living with a partner.

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