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Stimulus: Which states are getting June payments?

A fourth stimulus from the federal government is unlikely.

stimulus checks

However, millions will get payments from their states in June.

Is your state giving out stimulus or UBI payments worth up to $1,000?

Which states are getting stimulus checks?

Two states are scheduled to send out stimulus payments this month: Maine and New Mexico. Each has its own set of eligibility requirements.

In Maine, $850 will be available to residents who filed their 2021 state tax returns. Single filers with an adjusted gross income of less than $100,000 and married couples with an AGI less than $200,000 will qualify. However, individuals that are claimed as dependents are not eligible for the check.

In New Mexico, single filers will see $250 this month and joint filers will see $500. A second payment for the same amount will also be sent out in August. Any resident who submitted their 2021 tax returns before May 31, 2022 will automatically be sent the payments.

Some other states are considering making stimulus funds available, but there is no guarantee. If other states do decide to send out stimulus checks– they won’t arrive by the end of June. The states that could see payments later in summer are Minnesota, Colorado, Kansas, Hawaii, and Pennsylvania.

Other available funding

The Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF) is also offering money to Americans who may be at risk of loosing their home. The American Rescue Plan Act set aside has allocated almost $10 billion for homeowner relief. More than 40 states have set up their own HAF programs.

If you are interested in the HAF program, you can find additional details and applications on the website.

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