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Stimulus check: Deadline for $1,200 is here

A specific group of Americans may still be entitled to a stimulus check worth $1,200.

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There are no federal stimulus payments in the foreseeable future, but many states or cities are still giving out payments.

If you meet eligibility requirements in these places, you could see a fourth stimulus check.

How to get a fourth stimulus payment

California and their stimulus check program

California created not one, but two payment programs for qualifying residents.

These were the Golden State I and Golden State II payments.

The first program sent eligible individuals checks worth $600 or $1,200.

The second sent checks worth up to $1,100.

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Which states are still giving payments?

To be eligible, residents needed to make less that $75,000 and file their 2020 taxes by Oct. 15, 2021.

If you were eligible but needed an ITIN by Oct. 15, you could claim the missed state stimulus checks by filing your taxes by Feb. 15.

This means if you were eligible for that first $1,200 and you haven’t filed by Feb. 15, you’ve missed out.

The checks were sent over a span of months based on residents zip codes.

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Financial support parents can get in 2022

Over 12.8 million payments have been sent by the state in all.

Golden State Stimulus checks in 2022?

The possibility of a third round of state stimulus checks going out is a possibility.

This is because the budget surplus has enough funding to send out another round of checks worth $1,100 to every resident.

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