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Stimulus check: How to get a fourth stimulus payment

Americans have received three stimulus checks so far from the government, if they qualify. But will anyone see a fourth stimulus check?

fourth stimulus checks will go to select Americans when they file their tax return with the IRS

In some cases, people will see another economic impact payment in 2022.

It will be for a payment they missed in 2021, not a new payment for 2022.

While the government has put an end to any future stimulus checks, some states are giving their residents additional money.

Which states are still giving them payments?

Qualifying for a $1,400 fourth stimulus check in 2022

Very specific populations may qualify for a payment in 2022.

If you had a child or gained a new dependent in 2021 that the IRS is not aware of, you can claim the check you should have gotten with your tax return.

Some people saw a major change in income in 2021, but the IRS used 2019 and 2020 tax returns to determine who qualified for payments.

4 states still sending stimulus payments

This means you may have actually qualified, but wouldn’t have in 2020.

You can claim the payment on your taxes with the Recovery Rebate Credit.

If you would up with a dependent in your family that you have to care for, like a parent or grandparent, you can claim a stimulus check.

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