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Stimulus payments of $500 for 250 California families

250 residents in Long Beach, California will see stimulus payments each month worth $500 for 12 months.

cash long beach residents could soon see from a stimulus payment UBI program

This is through a UBI program, which is similar to how stimulus programs work.

Stimulus payments are a one time payment, and UBI payments are recurring.

Many UBI programs started by cities or states are done with stimulus funds from the pandemic.

How do the stimulus payments in Long Beach work?

Families who qualify will see the payments if they live in the 90813 zip code area.

This area has the highest number of families currently living in poverty.

$17,000 in payments available with UBI program in California

250 will be chosen for the $500 payments.

Right now, the $1.6 million dollars needed to fund the program is coming from the Long Beach Recovery Act.

This program is also an academic study to see how the payments impact their lives.

Many other states and cities are trying different forms of UBI programs to help those in need of financial assistance the most.

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