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Fourth Stimulus Check: Will SSI or Social Security beneficiaries see another payment?

As SSI and Social Security recipients struggle on a fixed income, many are wondering if they’ll ever see a fourth stimulus check.

fourth stimulus check social security recipients are hopeful to see

There is still a circulating petition asking Congress to pass a fourth check to the populations who need it the most.

The Senior Citizens League has been working hard to convince lawmakers to pass a $1,400 fourth stimulus check on behalf of Social Security recipients.

Fourth stimulus: $100 monthly payments for high gas prices isn’t enough

Despite a 5.9% COLA increase to try and help offset inflation, seniors still express struggling to get by as the rate of inflation surpasses 7%.

Many seniors have shared that they eat one meal per day and cut their medications in half to make them last.

Will there be a fourth stimulus check or help for Social Security recipients?

Many attempts at a fourth payment ended when work went into trying to pass the Build Back Better bill.

Another economic payment is highly unlikely for Americans in 2022

Since then, lawmakers are working on other things and a fourth stimulus check isn’t one of them.

This means the chances of seeing a fourth check are slim.