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Fourth stimulus check is highly unlikely for Americans in 2022

Americans were lucky enough to receive three stimulus checks during the pandemic, but many are still asking for a fourth stimulus check.

fourth stimulus check Americans have been asking for that will not likely happen

Unfortunately, the likelihood of that happening is pretty slim.

The last check was sent over a year ago now, and today the U.S. is in a different position than it was back then.

Last year at this time the vaccine was new, life was still happening virtually, and unemployment was still high.

Today the world is different, but there are still a lot of financial strains on Americans.

Stimulus: Some workers to see $1,500 payments

Why there won’t be a fourth stimulus check

Unemployment rates being so high were a major reason for stimulus checks to go out in the first place.

Today the rate is back to pre-pandemic levels.

Not only that, but there are millions of job openings.

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Stimulus: Why there isn’t going to be a fourth stimulus check

As of March 5, jobless claims were just 227,000.

Despite jobs being available, people are still struggling due to the high rate of inflation over the last year.

With no fourth stimulus check, Americans will still struggle

There is little chance of a fourth stimulus check in 2022.

This does not mean there may not be other ways to get help.

Checks worth as much as $1,400 available to some

Lawmakers are focusing closely on ways to help with the child tax credit moving forward.

Without financial help, families may suffer when they need to cut back on things like groceries or moving to more affordable homes.

Americans may also need to pick up more than one job to make ends meet, which is not an ideal solution.

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