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Stimulus check: 4 states still sending stimulus payments

Residents in 4 states are lucky enough to benefit from stimulus checks from their local government long after federal checks have ended.

cash Americans can receive from a stimulus check

This means many Americans will receive a fourth payment after all.

The 4 states combined will be helping 87 million Americans still struggling from the pandemic.

Not everyone is going to qualify, but it’s good to know whether or not you will so you don’t miss out.

Can deceased people get a stimulus check?

Stimulus checks going out to residents in 2022

New York

New York State has approved funding worth $2 billion dollars for undocumented workers that did not get federal payments.

The program is called the Excluded Workers Fund.

Many checks have already been sent for 2020, but the program has been expanded into 2022.

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Fourth Stimulus Check & Social Security recipients


Thanks to a surplus in the government budget, state residents will see a tax refund.

The refund is worth about $125 dollars.

When the budget surpasses a certain amount, taxpayers are due refunds out of the excess amount.


California residents have benefitted greatly from the Golden State Stimulus Program, which sent two checks to qualifying residents.

These checks were worth up to $1,100.

According to the California governor, residents can expect an additional third payment.

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Stimulus checks are going out to teachers and principals in Florida as a thank you for their dedication.

The checks will be worth $1,000 each.

The goal is to invest into the education system, including their teachers.

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