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Stimulus check: Can deceased people get a stimulus check?

Millions of Americans were able to benefit from three stimulus checks during the pandemic, but family members want to know if their lost loved ones qualify.

stimulus check sent by the IRS

The first check was sent in April of 2020 and worth $1,200.

Another $600 was sent in Dec. 2020.

March of 2021 was the final check, worth $1,400.

Fourth Stimulus Check & Social Security recipients

While millions received the payments, many payments went unclaimed.

One reason this may have happened is because someone who was entitled to a check died.

Since this was common enough, the IRS has shared what to do in this situation.

IRS: Free in-person help for 4 Saturdays

How to handle a deceased family member’s stimulus check

You may claim a deceased family member’s stimulus check.

In order to do this, the person needs to have been eligible for the stimulus check to begin with.

If someone died in 2020 then they won’t be eligible for the check in 2021.

Their money may only be claimed once.

The next of kin should be who claims it, but if their child applied then the money is not going to be resent.

What if I’m missing my economic impact payment?

What is the process for claiming a deceased person’s stimulus check?

The IRS covers this under their FAQ section for the Recovery Rebate Credit.

If a person died in 2021 or 2022 and didn’t get the check they were eligible for then they qualify for the recovery rebate.

They simply need to have met eligibility requirements while they were alive.

If someone died prior to Jan. 1, 2021 they will not qualify for the recovery rebate credit.

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