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Editor’s Note: A Remarkable Year for Indigenous News in New York

The year 2021 has been another hectic and equally chaotic year in Indian Country.

As continues distinguishing itself as the leading digital news source of Indigenous issues across New York State, we step back to reflect on a year’s worth of coverage and the major stories of significance that wielded measurable and meaningful impacts among our Native and non-Native readerships alike.


Chronicling the Cayuga Nation Police Department

Not much was known about the Cayuga Nation Police Department. Nation officials are unresponsive to routine media requests from our newsroom while local and county employees are left without any answers either.

Public records are helping fill in the gaps. While our understanding of the Nation’s police department isn’t complete or intact, we promise to continue fiercely covering the Nation, solely based on the facts, as we enter the new year.



Keeping Track of State-Funded Sustainability Projects

Tackling the effects of climate change is coming at the expense of Native communities in New York. As the state prioritizes publicly-funded investments in sustainability projects, Indigenous voices are being left out of the conversation altogether.



Acknowledging an Atrocity: The Wounded Knee Massacre

A recent racial reckoning has awakened Americans to reflect on the historical legacy of the nation’s founding; and the Wounded Knee Massacre is no exception either.

Contrary to popular opinion, plenty of New Yorkers participated in the mass killing of hundreds of Lakota people on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

Our team sought to remain mindful, alerting readers and listeners alike to the massacre that took place on December 29, 1890.



Showing Why Representation Matters

Our newsroom isn’t afraid to tackle the complicated and equally controversial newsworthy topics.



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