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NYS Fair takes measures to curb new COVID variant spread

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In light of concerns raised by Dr. Stephen Thomas regarding the latest variant of COVID coinciding with the upcoming NYS Fair, fair organizers have shared their strategy to manage the potential spread.

Dr. Thomas, highlighting the expected gathering of over 100,000 people, recommended that at-risk individuals consider wearing masks. He did, however, emphasize the advantage of the fair mostly being outdoors, as natural ventilation could mitigate transmission risks.

Interim Fair Director, Sean Hennessey, informed that the fair’s management is in ongoing discussions with the CDC and the Department of Health to ensure adherence to any necessary protocols. As of now, there’s no masking mandate within the fairgrounds, but this could change based on recommendations.

To ensure attendees’ safety, hand sanitizers, masks, and handwashing stations will be available throughout the fairgrounds, particularly within permanent buildings. The NYS Fair, which spans 13 days, kicks off this Wednesday.