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Break wall along Sodus Bay repaired after extensive flood damage

Work along Sodus Bay is now complete.

Engineers and construction crews have been hard at work putting together a new break wall.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers fully repaired and rebuilt the battered Charles Point barrier break wall that was broken and eroding into the water. The wall will help safeguard homes on Charles Point Bluff that are at risk of falling into Lake Ontario.

“Over the past few years, Lake Ontario’s historic flooding has battered Wayne County communities and their bays and harbors and eroded away the vital Charles Point breakwall in Great Sodus Bay,” said Senator Schumer. “That’s why last year I was produce to join Wayne County homeowners and officials to announce I had secured $4.5 million last year to finally repair and rebuild the Charles Point barrier beach break wall. Today I’m pleased to announce the construction of the new more robust wall is now complete. The Charles Point breakwater wall is a vital shield, protecting Sodus Bay and safeguarding homes on Charles Point bluff from falling into Lake Ontario. No one should have to fear for the safety of their home, but until now families along the Charles Point bluff have had to do just that, as Lake Ontario water levels threatened to cause serious damage. That’s why I was proud to deliver the much-needed $4.5 million for the Army Corps of Engineers to repair and rebuild the Charles Point break wall. Now the repaired wall will serve as a shield, improving resiliency along the Lake Ontario shoreline, protecting Sodus Bay, and ensuring the safety of our community and their families.”

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