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Turkey shortage in U.S. has prices rising ahead of Thanksgiving

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If you eat a turkey every year for Thanksgiving, expect prices to keep rising thanks to a shortage in the U.S.

turkey shortage in u.s. raises prices before thanksgiving

The supply plain is being heavily impacted this year thanks to the bird flu and an overall shortage.

Thanksgiving is coming up soon, so you may want to keep in mind what shopping could look like.

How the turkey shortage is the U.S. may impact your Thanksgiving dinner thanks to rising prices

According to Rochester First, the shortage started right in the beginning when hatchlings were sent to farms and impacted by the bird flu.

Greg Hartt, owner of Stonecrop Farm, explained that hatchery issues are to blame.

Hartt explained that the issues on hatcheries have an impact down the line. If there are no turkeys to lay eggs then there are no eggs for farms.

It’s not only turkey prices that are becoming an issue. Hartt said that the grain supply price has risen by at least 75% in one year.

Farmers who raise turkeys are forced to pay so much more for their necessary grain supplies.

Turkey supply issues stem from 2019

RIT Economics Professor Amit Batabyal explained that the turkey supply chain issues go much deeper than bird flu and grain prices in 2022.

He explained that there were a lot of turkeys in 2019, making them cut back on how many turkeys farmers were growing.

After this the pandemic hit and less turkeys were available on the market.

Finally, the bird flu hit.

Last year the cost of a turkey was $1.15 per pound, but this year you can expect to pay $1.99 per pound.

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