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Halloween decorations could harm wildlife

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Halloween is almost here, but it’s important to remember that decorations could harm wildlife.

halloween decorations could cause harm to wildlife

Depending on the decoration, it could bring harm to certain animals.

One of the biggest and most commonly used decorations that can harm wildlife are the fake spider webs.

Why fake spider web Halloween decorations can harm wildlife

According to My Twin Tiers, fake spider webs are specifically harmful to birds. The material can make it very easy for birds to get caught in.

This does not mean you need to stop using the material altogether.

You can still put it on display while keeping in mind the harm it can cause wildlife.

Experts that focus on bird rehabilitation say you can avoid placing it in areas where birds frequently fly.

That means it’s best to avoid putting it between trees.

Better places for this type of material would be in a window, a closed entryway, or hanging on something solid.

Other dangerous materials found in Halloween decorations that can harm wildlife may be small plastic parts.

These can be mistaken for food and cause animals that pick them up to choke.

Other holiday decorations pose a risk for wildlife as well

Halloween decorations aren’t the only types of decorations that can harm wildlife.

Christmas can cause harm to birds when they rest inside of outdoor wreaths or Christmas trees.

When decorating, just think about where birds may end up and keep them in mind.

If birds do end up trapped, you can contact a wildlife rehabilitator.

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