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Shrinkflation: Full list of US companies being scrutinized for it

High inflation is draining American’s wallets.


Now, several companies are being scrutinized for shrinkflation.

Is there a Siracha shortage?

What is shrinkflation?

Shrinkflation is when companies downsize their products but don’t lower the price. Unfortunately, this isn’t a new practice and it is legal as long as products are clearly labeled and their isn’t price gouging.

Now more than ever, Americans have to be more conscious about their spending to get the best value. Shrinkflation isn’t just impacting popular brands found in grocery stores, but fast-food chains too.

Which companies are doing it?

Here’s a list of some popular companies that are known to be engaging in shrinkflation:

  • Domino’s pizza: boneless wings are sold in 8 packs instead of 10 packs
  • Subway: there are reports that rotisserie chicken wraps and subs have less meat
  • Gatorade: bottles used to be 32oz and are now 28oz
  • Fritos- Party bags used to be 18oz, now they are 15.5oz, and are more expensive
  • Burger King: reduced the amount of nuggets per box
  • Kleenex: tissue boxes contained 65 tissues and now only have 60

Other companies are doing this too. Here are some other companies to be aware of, they are listed with the percent size reduction from the original:

  • Crest Toothpaste: 7%
  • Cottonelle: 8%
  • Charmin: 8%
  • Chobani: 15%
  • Dove body wash: 8%
  • Folger: 15%
  • M&M Keebler cookies: 14%
  • Gain detergent: 7%
  • GM Cereals: 5%
  • Safeguard soap: 20%
  • Strawberry Quaker Oats: 20%
  • Sun-Maid Raisins: 11%
  • Tostitos hint of lime chips: 15%

McDonald’s and Wendy’s are both beings sued over misleading burger sizes in advertisements.

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