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Stimulus: Tax filers may be surprised by $1,400 checks

Some people filing their taxes may be surprised to see they’re owed $1,400 stimulus checks this year.

stimulus check stamped with a red stamp

If you are a recent college graduate that finished school in 2020 or a parent with a newborn from 2021 then you could see $1,400.

You can claim that stimulus cash with the recovery rebate credit.

The credit was created to help anyone who was missing a 2020 or 2021 stimulus check claim it.

You must provide how much, if any, you received this year.

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Newborn stimulus checks

If you had a baby in 2021, the IRS did not know yet.

This means when you report the child this year you can claim that money.

Children adopted in 2021 qualify.

In addition, new parents of 2021 can claim the full child tax credit since they did not receive payments, which is worth $3,600.

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College student stimulus checks

If you’re a recent graduate and live independently you may be able to claim the stimulus check.

You must meet the income requirement.

This applies to high school graduates who didn’t go to college.

Those who were a dependent in 2020 but are not in 2021 qualify.

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