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DEC: Please leave baby animals alone

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The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is advising residents to leave baby animals they find in the wild alone. As spring arrives, it’s common to see baby birds, deer, or other young animals in yards, but the DEC stresses that human interaction often does more harm than good.

“While some might think these baby animals need assistance, human interactions with wildlife typically do more harm than good,” said DEC Interim Commissioner Sean Mahar. “Please remember: if you care, leave it there.”

Most of the time, young animals are intentionally hidden by their parents while they gather food. For example, fawns are born in late May and early June and often lie still in tall grass to stay safe from predators. Baby birds that are found on the ground are likely being watched by their parents. If an animal appears injured or orphaned, the DEC recommends contacting a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. More information is available on the DEC’s website.

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