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Unemployment Benefits: Three states plan to slash benefits

Many states have started to pull back on unemployment benefits as job openings increase in numbers while reopening continues.

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The goal with slashing benefits is to try and get people to fill the job openings that have grown.

There are currently 11.3 million open jobs right now.

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The following states have limited unemployment benefits

  • Arkansas
  • Kansa
  • Alabama
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • North Carolina

The number of weeks you can get unemployment benefits will soon be limited for Iowa, Kentucky, and West Virginia.

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In this state, unemployment benefits will be slashed from 26 weeks to 16.

There are 86,000 open jobs right now.

The most people with no dependents can get is $531 per week.


This state has slashed unemployment benefits from 26 weeks to 12 weeks.

The unemployment rate sits at 4.2%.

The most people can get per week is $552.

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West Virginia

This state has slashed the number of weeks you can receive benefits from 26 weeks to 12.

The most the state will pay is $424 per week.

The average weekly minimum wage is $328.

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