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$500 stimulus checks to go to essential workers in this state

Massachusetts is set to mail out $500 checks.

stimulus check to be sent out

These will be a one-time payment for essential workers.

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Employee Premium Pay Program

Massachusetts is implementing a one-time Employee Premium Pay Program. The state will deliver 500,000 one-time checks for $500 to essential workers. Read more about it here.

Massachusetts has allocated $460 million for the premium payments for essential workers. The checks will be distributed to low-income workers statewide.

In order to qualify:

  • you must have filed you 2020 tax return
  • have lived in Massachusetts during 2020
  • have an earned income of at least $12,750 in 2020 employment compensation
  • had a total household income at or below 300% of the federal poverty level in 2020

If you collected unemployment payment in 2020 you do not qualify for this round of checks.

Unemployment compensation un 2019 or 2021 does not impact eligibility for the first round. All eligible people will get a check via mail.

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