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FINGER LAKES TRAVEL: Spotlight on Anne Allis, Conveyor Belt Sushi and a trip to F.L.X. Juice Bar.

This week’s artist spotlight is Anne Allis. She is an artist from the Finger Lakes who specials in hand painted custom shoes. Anne has a wide variety of designs and can even create designs using your favorite bands or television shows. Anne took the time to make a short video bringing us behind the scenes.

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Check out Anne’s work here:

Hand painted shoes by Anne Allis

Anne can take a special moment in time and turn it into wearable art. Each pair of shoes is more unique than the last, and will definitely help you stand out from the crowd. We’d like to give a huge thank you for Anne for reaching out and allowing us to feature her as this week’s spotlight!

FINGER LAKES TRAVEL: Have you ever had sushi off a conveyor belt?

Earlier this week we headed to FLX Fry Bird for lunch. It was a nice walk to this restaurant with a lot of street art to see along the way. We were given a warm welcome by the staff and the food was very good. If you’re planning to stop in we would suggest getting the fried pickles, they were a solid 10 out of 10. We will certainly be stopping back in to try their fried Nutella!

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After hearing about their recent grand opening we had to check out Finger Lakes Juice Bar. This was such a cute place with a very light and airy feel. If you’re a student this would be a great place to go between classes. Or if you’re someone looking for something quick and healthy throughout the day.

@fingerlakes1 A trip to FLX Juice Bar #fingerlakes #CorollaCrossStep #fingerlakesny #treatyourself #workfromhome #interiordesign #geneva #fyp #fypシ #smoothie ♬ More Than Friends – Aidan Bissett

My favorite stop this week was Sakana-Ya Sushi Bar in Syracuse. This isn’t you’re typical sushi bar, Sakana-Ya serves food a little differently. It comes down a conveyor belt. Yes you read that correctly and you can see it for yourself in the TikTok below!

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