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Newark teen touts benefits of NY dairy products as state Dairy Ambassador

Drink your milk. Your Mom told you, and now, Gabby Taylor of Newark is telling you.

Taylor is the 2022-23 NY State Dairy Ambassador. She won the competition sponsored by the American Dairy Association North East, the organization that promotes dairy farmers and dairy products in New York and the northeast. Participants were judged on a personal interview, impromptu questions, a prepared speech, a product knowledge exam, writing skills, and informal interaction with others. They were evaluated based on their communications skills and knowledge of the dairy industry. The previous title was Dairy Princess, but the competition is now open to young men, as well.

As New York State Dairy Ambassador, Taylor will serve as a spokesperson and advocate for dairy farmers by attending special events to engage with and educate consumers on the nutritional benefits of milk and dairy foods; how farmers care for their cows and their land to produce a sustainable product; and the importance of the dairy industry to the New York state economy. Taylor will also receive a $1,200 scholarship and an internship opportunity with American Dairy Association North East.

We asked Gabby to give us her elevator speech for NY dairy farmers and their products.

Gabby previously served as Wayne County Dairy Princess. Listen to my Inside the FLX conversation with Gabby below.

Gabby Taylor (middle)