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Fratto funding surges as Republican primary heats up in NY-24

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In Geneva, Republican Mario Fratto has significantly bolstered his campaign finances, amassing nearly half a million dollars as he prepares for the upcoming primary. Reports reveal Fratto’s cash on hand totals $483,681.02, spanning his main campaign committee and additional funding sources. This marks a substantial increase from the $100,000 available in his last campaign effort.

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Contrastingly, incumbent Claudia Tenney reported a surprising dip in her campaign finances, with approximately $650,000 on hand. This is a sharp decline from the $1.4 million reported in the same period during the previous election cycle. Tenney’s reliance on corporate and special interest PAC contributions has been a point of criticism, especially with her recent votes in Congress.

Fratto expressed confidence in his campaign’s financial health, highlighting an ability to compete more effectively against Tenney this cycle. He criticized Tenney’s alignment with policies counter to former President Trump’s agenda, positioning himself as a true representative of local and conservative values. Fratto, a fifth-generation resident of the district, manages his family’s granite construction business.