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Social Security: My payment or statement is wrong, what do I do?

Millions of Americans rely on Social Security benefits during retirement in order to get by, so incorrect statements or payments can cause concern.

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Sometimes this will happen, and when it does, you need to take care of it quickly.

If you are ever overpaid, the Social Security Administration will eventually notice and require you to pay it back.

SSI: Social Security & SSI payment schedule

Why you need to fix issues with Social Security quickly

While the SSA determines your benefits for you, it’s important to double check them yourself to be sure you aren’t being over, or underpaid.

Sometimes the SSA will make a mistake and pay you too much.

Despite this being their mistake, you will need to pay it back.

Social Security offices still closed to public nearly two years after pandemic began

If you fail to acknowledge notices or bills sent by the SSA, they can withhold your benefits until it’s paid back.

This may cause you to suffer financially.

Sometimes the SSA doesn’t pay you enough, and you end up being owed more money.

How to fix mistakes made by the SSA

There are ways to change incorrect statements and payments.

Sometimes the SSA will notify that you are being overpaid when you don’t think you are.

In this case you can appeal their decision by filing form SSA-561-U2.

What is your full retirement age?

If you were overpaid and can’t afford to pay it back, you can file form SSA-632.

You must send them to your local Social Security office.

You may also call the SSA at 800-772-1213 for more information or help.

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