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Stimulus checks: $600-$2,000 for some Americans

Eligible children and adults may see $2,000 and $600 stimulus checks thanks to a proposal by the Navajo Council.

The money will come out of the $557 million dollar federal Coronavirus relief funds.

350,000 tribal members will see the money after the Navajo Nation President approved the proposal.

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The checks worth $2,000 for adults and $600 for children will help members of the Navajo Nation to purchase gas, firewood, and food.

With the high rate of inflation, the funds will help people afford these items.

The tribe made the vote on Wednesday with an 18-2 vote in favor of the stimulus money.

The tribe will take the money from the $2.1 billion they received from the American Rescue Act.

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Previous stimulus checks for the Navajo Nation

Tribal member previously received checks from the Navajo Nation CARES Fund Hardship Assistance Program.

7,500 remained unclaimed.

Address and applications errors were some reasons for unclaimed checks.

Anyone looking to receive checks from this round do not need to apply again.

The deadline for CARES Act money to be spent or allocated is the end of the calendar year.

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