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$1,400 will checks go to some Americans in 2022

Some Americans can expect a $1,400 fourth stimulus check when 2022 rolls around.

In order to get this payment, some criteria needs to be met first.

Those getting the payments are people who gained a new dependent in 2021 or new parents.

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About the stimulus checks in 2022

Recovery rebate credit

The chance for parents and Americans to get another, or a missed, $1,400, is thanks to the American Rescue Act.

While everyone else appears to have received their stimulus checks, there were some missed people.

This is because in some cases the IRS based the amount they did or did not give people on outdated, 2019 tax returns.

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Some people gained dependents or had a change in income between 2019 and 2020, making them eligible for the payments.

The IRS did not know this, so these people may claim the stimulus check with the recovery rebate credit.

In order to qualify for this credit, you must make less than $75,000 single or $150,000 married.

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Plus up payments

Another way people are receiving their missed stimulus cash is through the plus up payments.

These were for people that were sent checks that weren’t correct due to information obtained by the IRS from the SSA.

The deadline to claim this credit is Dec. 31, 2022.

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