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What things are you missing out on as an Amazon Prime member?

Amazon prime has a lot of perks, most notably their two day shipping and Prime Video. But what else are people forgetting about?

Here are a bunch of great perks to the Amazon Prime membership  many people forget about.

Whole Foods offers discounts. The service was recently changed so there’s now a $10 additional charge for deliveries, but there are still other perks. Anything with blue tags means it’s a special sale only available to Amazon Prime members. Yellow tags offer 10% off. The Whole Foods Market app also has a place for Prime discounts which are exclusive.

Amazon Fresh delivery is also an option for members, and they can have free delivery that may exceed a certain amount. Some items are eligible to be paid for with food stamps as well.

Amazon has a pharmacy with two day delivery. Prime members get lower prices on prescriptions and 24/7 assistance. It’s available with most insurance plans and currently in 45 states.

Prime members have access to the Prime Try Before You Buy program, formerly known as Prime Wardrobe. Members can choose eight clothing items to try and send back anything they don’t want to keep.

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Amazon Trade-In allows for Prime members to hand it used electronics in exchange for Amazon gift cards.

Amazon also has an Amazon Renewed Guarantee, meaning that anyone who purchased opened and unused or refurbished products are guaranteed that they’re in working condition.

Amazon Warehouse will resell used items that customers returned at a discounted price. They’re not guaranteed, but they are included in Amazon’s 30-day return policy.

Amazon Outlet carries items that it’s overstocked with at discounted prices and even includes sales for Prime Day and Today’s Deals.

There are Amazon Lightning Deals year around, and on Prime Day they are only available to Prime members. There’s one deal per customer until the items are sold out or the promotion ends. There are also waitlists.

Finally, if you have a lot of photos, there are 5GB of storage that comes with Prime membership. Photos can be uploaded to the Amazon Photos app for storage.

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