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How can restaurants create a time-specific menu QR code?

Now that most restaurants today are now integrating the use of menu QR codes to contactless operate during the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the meals they display in their menu are crammed for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner.

And as they are displayed on one page, the font size of the menus restaurants placed in their QR code becomes smaller and sometimes is difficult to read when scanned and displayed on their smartphones. Because of that, many diners need to zoom on the menu being displayed in their smartphones to read the meals the restaurant has.

Restaurant QR Code

To resolve this issue, many restaurants resort to using three or more QR codes to hold their breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks menu and help customers navigate their way in choosing the right food to eat during this time.

But as they are integrating the use of multiple QR codes, many customers are overwhelmed with the number of codes presented to them.

Because of that, many smart restaurateurs are looking for a better way to showcase their categorized menus with one QR code. And with the help of an advanced QR code generator online, they were able to integrate the use of a Multi-URL QR code to create a time-specific menu QR code.

What is a time-specific multi-URL QR code?

A time-specific multi-URL QR code is a multi-URL QR code feature that redirects people to a time-specific URL. This means that you can enter a different URL at a time you set to show and you don’t have to deal with content cluttering issues, but it’s also an easier and faster means to minimize the number of QR codes being displayed in your establishment.

This feature is useful for businesses that offer time-bounded products and services like restaurants, cafes, and more

Why restaurants should start creating their time-specific menu QR code?

Since more businesses and entities are now incorporating the use of QR codes to create seamless contactless business operations, knowing the right QR code to use can sometimes confuse many business owners as they start modifying their marketing and operations.

With safety and convenience as one of the vital factors they consider when operating during the COVID-19 pandemic, here are five useful reasons why restaurants should try selecting the use of a Multi-URL QR code to create their time-specific menu QR code and display a meal-specific menu.

1. Minimizes the number of QR codes displayed in restaurants.

2. Displays the right food for the time the customers are dining

3. Simplifies the restaurant’s food ordering processes.

4. Lessen the time spent for customers to choose the food they want to eat

5. Data is can be edited or changed.

How to make a time-specific menu QR code?

With the promising advantages a multi-URL QR code can bring to businesses who want to create a minimalistic QR code system for the products and services they market, restaurants can integrate its timed URL feature in creating small menus with just one code.

To integrate it, restaurateurs will only have to follow these simple QR code generation steps.

1. Open an online QR code generator with logo website and make an account.

2. Select the Multi-URL category and choose the time feature.

3. Set the time interval you serve your meals and add the appropriate menu for that meal interval.

4. Click the Generate dynamic QR code button and generate your QR code.

5. Customize your menu QR code design and run a scan test.

6. Download and place your menu QR code in your restaurant.


As the need to create a simple solution for complex ideas is can be achieved with the use of technology, businesses that integrate the use of modern tools to operate have a greater advantage in fully maximizing their marketing and operations efforts.

With the introduction of tools like a multi-URL QR code, small and starting businesses like restaurants, cafes and pop-up food stalls can keep up with the need to improve their customer experience.

By simply creating a QR code that directs them to a time-specified content, customers can easily know which meal to buy during lunchtime, dinner or breakfast without scrolling to a heavily listed menu.

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