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Watch out for moving scams in New York: State offers tips

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The New York Department of State’s Division of Consumer Protection released important guidelines this Tuesday to help New Yorkers avoid moving scams. The advice comes amid reports of deceptive practices that have cost consumers thousands of dollars during the stressful process of relocating.

Secretary of State Robert J. Rodriguez emphasized the importance of careful selection and verification of moving services. “Moving to a new home can be very stressful if consumers don’t choose the right services to transport their personal possessions or verify that the company they plan to use is properly licensed by the State of New York,” Rodriguez stated. The tips provided are designed to ensure a smoother and more secure moving experience by highlighting common scams and deceptive practices in the industry.

The guidelines recommend hiring only licensed movers, paying attention to hidden fees, and avoiding any movers that require large upfront payments or offer vague contracts. Consumers are advised to do thorough online research, check reviews, and confirm that the moving company is registered and insured, especially for interstate moves. The Department also suggests creating an inventory of belongings and reading the provided “Summary of Information” booklet detailing rights and responsibilities.

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