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Auburn seeks public input on Wall Street playground redesign

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The City of Auburn, in a collaborative effort with Saratoga Associates, is actively seeking public input on the proposed redesign of the Wall Street Park playground.

A neighborhood meeting held on October 4, 2023, marked the beginning of this community-driven initiative. Approximately 35 local residents participated in this gathering, contributing their ideas and preferences regarding various aspects of the park’s design. The discussion covered a range of topics, including different layout options for the park, designs for pavilions, choices for play equipment, and the potential inclusion of a basketball court.

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In an effort to engage a wider audience and ensure comprehensive community feedback, the City of Auburn has extended the period for public comments on the playground design until November 17, 2023. This extension provides an additional platform for residents who could not attend the initial meeting to voice their opinions and suggestions. The city values the input of its residents, understanding that community involvement is crucial in shaping a playground that meets the needs and expectations of local families and children.

Residents who are interested in participating in this civic discussion and wish to view the proposed design can do so by accessing the Wall Street Park Design online. For those preferring direct communication, the city has provided an opportunity to share feedback via email or phone. Renee Jensen, the Senior Planner for the City of Auburn, is available to receive comments at [email protected] or can be contacted at 315-253-3513.