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Lawmakers make some changes, but renew push for single-payer healthcare in New York

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New York lawmakers are reigniting attempts to establish a single-payer health care system in the state, despite continuous objections from business communities and insurance firms. The revised single-payer proposal aims to address labor unions’ previous concerns, as per the state Senate and Assembly health committee chairs.

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This new effort is focused on ensuring protection for existing benefits within labor unions, including employer contribution cover costs, and a provision to include all public worker or retiree health benefits in the program.

Senate Health Committee Chairman Gustavo Rivera stated that this iteration of the New York Health Act represents a renewed push to gain approval for the measure. “Healthcare is fundamental to our lives yet too many cannot access or afford care, so I am committed to making sure that every resident in this state gets the care they need and deserve,” Rivera said.

Rivera and Assembly Health Committee Chair Amy Paulin have secured the support of organizations such as the New York State Nurses Association and the Committee of Interns and Residents.

However, the initiative continues to face opposition from the business community and healthcare sectors, including insurance companies, who cite the cost of a single-payer health care program and potential job losses in the insurance industry as major concerns. Proponents of the proposal argue that the current system is overly expensive for New Yorkers, and a single-payer system could result in long-term savings.