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Walmart: Big perks for Walmart shoppers after store renovations are complete

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Walmart is renovating dozens of stores.

Walmart renovations

After the updates have been completed, more perks will be available.

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Walmart renovations

Walmart is investing $240 million in renovations for 41 locations across Missouri. The stores will offer pick-up, delivery and Express Delivery services once they’ve been renovated. Express delivery means grocery delivery in less than two hours. This is a great tool to help families save time when it comes to grocery shopping.

More stores will also offer Walmart+ to customers. This benefit program allows members to receive free delivery from supermarkets when they order $35 or more. Plus, they also offer fuel discounts to members.

Stores in cities like, Columbia, Springfield, Jefferson City and Washington will be the first to be renovated. The investment in these locations will make it easier for stores and associates to get customers what they need, when they want it.

In Ohio, more Walmart stores are also getting renovated. About 14 locations will be updated as part of $85 million project.

The stores will get new self-checkout machines but there will also be more cashiers working at the registers. Shoppers will be able to use Walmart Pickup too. It is a tool that allows customers to order their groceries online before going to your local location to grab them. Workers bag the items so customers never have to leave their cars.

Walmart also plans to install up-to-date technology in three of their Puerto Rico locations. The company has a goal to have all 18 locations in Puerto Rico offer curbside pick-up within the next five years.

Next year, Walmart plans to invest an additional $34 million to continue renovating other locations.

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