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WhatsApp: Users are urged to update privacy settings now

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WhatsApp users are being urged to update their privacy settings as soon as possible.

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There are a few simple setting changes that will make your messages more secure.

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Update your WhatsApp privacy settings

Whether you are a frequent WhatsApp user, or just use it from time-to-time it is still important to keep your information private. TikToker and tech whiz @letsdodiz shared simple tips to help keep your WhatsApp safe.

The first tip is to put a secondary lock on WhatsApp. This means that even if you’ve unlocked your iPhone, you will need an additional passcode to get into your WhatsApp messages. All you need to do is set up an extra Face ID or Touch ID setting. This can be done in your WhatsApp settings. Select “Account” and then “Privacy”. Next, switch on “Screen Lock” with either Touch ID or Face ID. You will also be able to select the time frame before the ID is required again. After that, whenever you open the app it will require your face or fingerprints to read your messages. However, it is not completely foolproof– you can still read and quick reply to messages in your notification window. Disabling all message previews in your iPhone is an option to avoid that. You’ll also still be able to answer WhatsApp calls.

Another tip is to change your last seen. This trick is to make sure people don’t know when you last used the app. Without making this change, anybody that has your phone number can see when you were last on WhatsApp. You can turn off WhatsApp Last Seen via your Settings menu but you only have the option to turn it off for all your contacts. This option can be found in the Privacy settings.

WhatsApp rolled out a new feature that automatically “unsends” messages. This important because that means certain texts sent to you can disappear. If you activate it then your own texts will vanish too. This is a great privacy feature to consider activating. If you don’t activate it, be aware that texts sent to you can still be “unsent”. You can turn on WhatsApp disappearing messages by going to Settings > Account > Privacy. Look for Disappearing Messages and switch to on. Then, you can choose a time period for messages to disappear. The time options are: 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days.

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