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Energy Assistance: 4 ways to reduce your electric bill and save money

Energy assistance can come in the form of government assistance, or even as information to help you reduce your electric bill.

heater and air conditioner where you can manage the temperature with energy assistance.

These tips may help you save money in the long run as heat causes air conditioners to run longer while summer continues on.

Here are 4 energy assistance tips to help you lower your electric bill

First, you can install a programmable thermostat.

These types of thermostats will regulate the temperature and bring the cost down.

In some cases, these types of thermostats can help save someone up to $50 per year overall.

You can even find thermostats with wifi connection which can help with accuracy.

These types know the weather forecast along with your preferred temperature, and can set itself to be exactly what you like without costing extra.

Another money saver is to replace your air filter.

By replacing it and upkeeping the unit, many problems can be avoided.

Dirty filters can sometimes stop the amount of air going through, forcing it to stay on longer and tack onto your electric bill.

One with a higher MERV rating, or minimum efficiency reporting values, can capture larger particles and last longer.

Next, you should insulate your windows to keep heat from getting inside of your home.

DiSanto Propane (Billboard)

In the winter months, heat will stay in your home as well.

Around 15% of heating and cooling costs can be saved by using insulated windows.

Finally, you should do what you can to avoid using heat through electric or oil.

The cost is higher and it happens much slower.

Electric furnaces use more energy to fire up the heating element as well as warm the air for your house.

Electricity is actually more expensive than gas as well.

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