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Five reasons you might not save more when you shop at dollar stores

Shopping at the dollar store seems like an easy way to save money.

However, a budget expert revealed five reasons that you shouldn’t believe it.

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1.Not everything costs a dollar

Some items at dollar stores really do only cost $1. However, most dollar stores have raised their prices. For example, after 35 years, Dollar Tree decided to raise the price on most of their items to $1.25. Dollar Tree shared that this is a permanent decision and isn’t just a reaction to the current market conditions.

2.Reductions in size of products

Dollar Tree was accused of reducing the size of some of their products after the price increase. For example, razors used to be available in five packs but are now sold in four packs instead. Similarly, cotton swabs came in boxes of 300, but now only have 200 per box.

3.Impulse buys

At dollar stores, temptation to buy things you don’t need is higher– because the prices are lower. It is too easy to pick up unnecessary snacks, craft supplies, or children’s toys that might not hold up.

4.You might be sacrificing quality

When you shop at a discount store, such as a dollar store, you may be sacrificing quality. Dollar store employees have shared that you may want to consider your local grocery store to buy items like frozen fish and meat.

5.Lack of variety

While you are sure to find a deal at a dollar store, there probably aren’t many options. For example, dollar stores don’t usually have a large cereal selection. However, stores like Walmart have more options.

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