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Stimulus: $1,000 going to these Americans

Millions of Americans in one state are going to see stimulus tax rebate checks worth between $500 and $1,000 dollars this summer.

stimulus check Colorado residents will see this year

This is part of the Colorado Cash Back Bill recently signed into law by Governor Jared Polis.

Three things that you might see instead of a fourth stimulus

The rebate stimulus checks are going back to citizens to help offer relief to working residents amid inflation.

Individuals are seeing at least $500 with joint filers seeing $1,000 payments.

The goal is to help residents pay for things like gas, groceries, and bills as prices rise.

Qualifying for the stimulus rebate check

Those who qualify must be full time residents.

Tax returns from full time residents for the year 2021 must be filed before June 30, 2022.

As long as it’s filed by the previously mentioned date, you should see a refund.

Social Security recipients won’t see fourth economic impact payment

Colorado experienced a strong economic recovery following the pandemic.

This led lawmakers to help residents with stimulus payments to offset the rising costs.

Checks will be sent in September.

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