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Fourth Stimulus Check: Social Security recipients won’t get one

The Senior Citizens League has worked tirelessly to try and convince Congress to give a fourth $1,400 stimulus check to seniors.

fourth stimulus check that seniors with social security were hoping to see

Despite this, no new legislation has been introduced that would indicate another stimulus payment for seniors.

According to News 12, after reaching out to VERIFY on Facebook, they found that the fourth $1,400 stimulus check for seniors would not be happening.

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What is going on with any fourth stimulus check?

The IRS has verified that there is no fourth stimulus check in the works for anyone.

In order for this to happen, Congress would need to create a law that then requires President Biden’s signature.

The last time this occurred was in March of 2021.

Americans seeing payments from their state

The Senior Citizens League has worked hard to try to convince Congress that seniors need the financial assistance that another check would give.

A letter was sent to Congress in Oct. 2021 asking for the one time payment.

Congress did not respond.

The reason for asking for an additional check was to help offset rising costs, taxes, inflation, and Medicare premiums.

Social Security benefits increased by 5.9% thanks to the COLA adjustment.

While this was helpful, the rate of inflation has surpassed 8%.

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