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Three things that you might see instead of a fourth stimulus

The federal government is unlikely to issue a fourth stimulus.

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Here are three things you may see in place of that fourth check.

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1. State rebates

Inflation is higher than ever and the cost of living feels unaffordable for many Americans right now. Americans are looking for relief and possibly a fourth stimulus check for help. However, that is unlikely to happen, but you might be able to get some additional money these ways.

Many states that have a budget surplus and are giving it back to their residents rather than spending it. Colorado is giving out $400 checks this summer, and your state might be too.

2. Tax refund

If you filed a paper tax return, you might still be waiting on your refund from the IRS. If you filed by the April 18 deadline, you should have it soon if you don’t already. The average refund this year is $3,025, which is comparable to the amount of a stimulus check.

3. A side job

If you are short on cash, think about picking up a side job. Places are looking for workers, especially seasonal ones right now.

Lots of people are frustrated that there won’t be another stimulus because they are struggling. But some experts say that another stimulus could actually increase inflation more.

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