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Do you qualify for up to $1,000 in COVID bonus checks?

Front-line workers will be getting up to $100 in bonus checks.


The checks will go employees who were working high-risk jobs during COVID.

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Who qualifies for the stimulus?

In Augusta, Georgia, the city is giving back to employees who worked on the front-lines during COVID. The city intends to pay people who worked jobs with high risk of getting infected during the pandemic. Additional details are available here.

The amount of money you’ll qualify for depends on the number of hours worked and your job category.

For example, full-time city workers will get $500 bonuses while part-time employees will only get $250.

If during the pandemic you worked in public safety, custodial, dispatch, or rubbish collection, you may qualify for an additional $500. Full-time employees in the mentioned fields will get $1,000 and part-timers will see $500.

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Michigan drivers may qualify for a refund- up to $400

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