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Tompkins County releases transportation needs assessment

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The Tompkins County Transportation Equity Coalition has published the findings of its county-wide Transportation Equity Needs Assessment (TENA). Formed in 2020, the Coalition aims to understand and tackle issues affecting transportation access for residents, particularly those in underserved communities. The assessment included focus groups in 2022 and a county-wide survey in 2023.

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Key findings from the survey include:

  • Personal vehicles are the most common mode of transportation.
  • Over 20% of low-income underserved individuals find it difficult to get around the county.
  • Better bus service was the most requested improvement across all groups.

The Coalition’s workshop in March discussed solutions, leading to recommendations such as investing in bus drivers, improving bus services, and enhancing walking and biking infrastructure. These findings will guide local transportation policies and programs.

The Coalition comprises representatives from various organizations, including TCAT, Gadabout, and Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Way2Go program.