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Energy Assistance: 1000s could get $3,850 in help

Alaskan residents may soon see some help when it comes to energy assistance in the form of a rebate check worth $3,850.

money with a lightbulb representing energy assistance

The Alaska Legislature is voting on the bill and if approved, residents may see payments as early as this summer.

A committee of 6 people worked on the compromise budget after the House could not come to an agreement for a bill the Senate passed.

How much would the total amount be for energy assistance?

It’s no secret that the cost of gas, utilities, and energy are rising amid inflation and the Russian conflict.

A total of $5,500 was the first proposed amount, but is now $3,200.

In addition to energy assistance is the dividend residents receive for living in the state from oil revenue.

What are the cheapest electricity rates for Texas?

The range this year for that dividend is around $2,500, then the energy assistance is worth around $1,300.

This makes a total payout of around $3,850.

In order to be eligible, you must have been a resident of Alaska for at least one year.

You cannot be jailed or convicted of a felony.

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