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UBI: New program proposal could pay out millions

Some Americans may benefit from yet another UBI program being introduced at the local government level in Boulder, Colorado this year.

UBI graphic

The funding will partially come from the American Rescue Plan.

The city is hoping to launch the universal basic income program by the end of the year.

$850 UBI payments for women

$250,000 was set aside from the American Rescue Plan and the total budget is $3 million.

The program is still looking for donations from private partnerships.

A task force is being created to help with best practices when it comes to maintaining a universal basic income program.

Eligibility for the UBI payments

The overall requirements have not yet been released.

There are specific groups of people that officials are interested in helping the most.

Direct Payments: Who could see up to $5,500?

This includes single mothers, caregivers, homeless individuals, and formerly incarcerated individuals.

The amount being paid has not been announced for the UBI program.

On average, other states with programs are paying residents around $500 per month.

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