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Direct Payments: Who could see up to $5,500?

Alaskans may be lucky enough to see a total of $5,500 in direct payments through two different things this year.

cash Alaskans could see due to direct payments made by the state

The Senate has revised the state’s budget, which now includes two payments that equate to $5,500 per resident.

The first payment is worth $4,200 and from the Permanent Dividend Fund.

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Payment for the second check is worth $1,300 and a stimulus payment to help offset the cost of inflation.

$2,600 was originally approved in April for the dividend payment by the House.

The state governor originally suggested a check worth $3,850.

What is the direct payment dividend that Alaskans are receiving?

The Permanent Dividend Fund, or the proposed $4,200 is a UBI payment in the state.

It was created in 1980 and gives residents a profit of the oil industry within the state of Alaska.

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In 2021 that payment was worth $1,114.

With inflation and the cost of gas increasing, the profits for 2022 are even higher for oil.

Stimulus payment in the state of Alaska

Once the budget is approved, the payment for the dividend will be sent.

You need to live in Alaska for one year before the payment is sent in order to receive it.

If you go to jail or are convicted of a felony, you become ineligible for the payment.

Should you qualify for both payments, you’ll see a total of $5,500.

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