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Housing Market: Do these things to increase your home price by $1000s

The housing market has been volatile since the pandemic began, and now millions of Americans are doing the most they can to get the best offer for their home.

home for sale on the housing market

You want your home to leave a good impression on buyers, helping them to want to make a reasonable offer.

The more people want a home, the more likely they are to offer thousands more.

Buyers tend to stay and look longer in homes they feel more comfortable in.

Here are a few things you can do to help sell your home for $1000s more

The Sun reports that cleaning up the yard and outside of the home is the first step to making your home more inviting when showing it.

This includes mowing the lawn, trimming trees, having fresh flowers, and washing your patios and windows.

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You’ll also want to clean your home.

If you keep the home clean, it shows the property has been cared for and is well maintained.

This means a deep clean like vacuuming, sweeping, taking out any trash and cleaning off surfaces.

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Decluttering and removing dust will make it all the more appealing.

Finally, find a way to remove children and pets from the home.

This will help avoid unexpected messes when showing your home to potential buyers.

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